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Spending alot of money.
"Maxxing out daddy's credit card."
by Lara x May 23, 2005
The act of increasing the volume on speakers, headsets, or stereos in increments to their limit before utter hardware failure while playing very heavy music capable of rupturing ear drums or producing hallucinogenic images.

Friend 1: "I was attempting to maxx (maxxing) _______ and..."
Friend 2: "Dude, I tried that and my hair fell out like a week later. I found out I have a malignant tumor on my brain now. 'Twas well worth it."


Friend 1: "I was attempting to maxx (maxxing) _______ and...."
Friend 2: "Dude I tried that and my eyes started to bleed and I ruptured my appendix."
by EvasionX2 April 15, 2011
V. Used to describe when a person is going to shop or is shopping at TJMaxx.
"Hey, Katie! Do you want to go Maxxing today?"
"We're Maxxing right now, I'll call you later."
by KatieBurn April 01, 2007

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