Stemming from the noun Maul, mauled holds much different meaning. It means to be in great and utter distress, often to the brink of lerkdome. Cullfestivites will undoubtedly commence after being mauled.
I mauled my maul.
I was rocking since I was so mauled.
by Bill Yard October 04, 2003
Top Definition
To be defeated comprehensively

(In sport) - A really good shot
Dude, you just got mauled by that guy

Gilly mauled that short ball over midwicket
by flabgrab May 01, 2007
(i) To be overwhelmed by the effects of drink or drugs.

(ii) To be beaten by another person at a game or in any context whatsoever.

(iii) To shag a bird.

Eg, "I was absolutely fucking mauled last night"
Eg, "I got completely mauled by/at ...."
Eg, "Did you maul Laura last night?"
Eg, "It was a 6-0 mauling"
Eg, "I'm gonna give you a good fucking mauling at pro evo"
by Richard Torrance March 03, 2008
To be eaten viciously
"Did you hear about the guy who was eaten by the grizzly at Yellowstone last week??"

"Yeah dude, he was his lunch! The bear totally mauled him!"
by JanisIanLesbian September 17, 2015
can be used for anything mate NICE ONE
"Ill fucking Maul u"
"I just Mauled myself"
"Im Absolutely fucking Mauled"
by Adrian July 25, 2003
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