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noun, totally bangable 21-year old twins catcher (#7)
Dude, Joe Mauer is completely bangable
verb, to present oneself in a bangable fashion
Dude, I gotta Mauer up before hittin the clubs so have a chance of poonin' a chick later this foine evening
To think highly of oneself, and expect to be treated and spoiled like a little kid, resembling the Twins catcher Joe Mauer's attitude. In addition to the pompous attitude, one must not have any special talents or skills except for flaunting a big ego.
That guy is such a Mauer. He's so cocky when he has nothing to be cocky about.
#jerk #failure #pansy #wuss #baby #joe mauer #loser
by MissKatieSue July 16, 2011
In the game of Sheephead (Sheepshead), to not "pick" when you have a winning hand.
You would have won if you hadn't mauered.
#sheephead #sheepshead #cards #wisconsin #picker
by bajaskier March 11, 2008
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