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A sexually available girl who has many partners.
1) "God, I slept with all of them. I was such a mattress last night!"

2) "I'll introduce you to Suzy. She is such a mattress."
by tman July 03, 2004
A simile that can be used in comparisson to almost any situation, object, person or emotion.
Jordan: "That bitch is really, really weird.."
Sam: "That's because she's pissed as a mattress"

Josh: "I lost all my money in the stock-market yesterday.."
Matt: "Damn, you must be shattered as a mattress"

Nic: "I got a E- in my R.E exam.."
Sean: "You must be stupid as a mattress"
by SamFisher440 January 03, 2010
Model/Actress who has been paid to do neither.
I'm going to an industry party tonight, should be full of mattresses...
by greasypeaches August 08, 2006
One who has excessive sex with more than 5 boys in a fraternity.
stefani has had sex with many boys and the frats call her their mattress.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
The combination of the words Model and Waitress. Used to describe small time models who cannot support herself with only modeling income, and require side jobs such as waitressing.
Jim likes to brag about dating a model even though she is really just a Mattress
by StarberryBSD May 13, 2011
A silly hoe who stickes her fingers in her mouth.
"Dude, have you met Jane?"
"Unfortunately! She's such a mattress!"
by CTiswhereithappens August 14, 2009

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