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an increasingly popular 'hobbie'of wanking oneself on webcam, usually perfomed by unbelievably selfcentered, egotistic pricks.
Guy sitting at computer thinks: 'I'm going to matt now cos it's gona impress this girl so much'
by endixpan September 08, 2004
1. muh 'ah-teeing (v) : Reinacting the desperate attempt for affection by someone, ideally named Matt.

2. Participating in a somewhat fake conversation to see ones responses . only to reminisce on one's stupidity, :"falling for it".
1. "Okay, the other day i was matting. And I almost pissed my self!"

2. "Let's meet up and mat."
by zeeniox July 12, 2011
Projectile vomit while running down the hall. Usually followed by "Don't worry I'm ok. I just ate some bad food."
Man, did you see that guy last night? He was Matting EVERYWHERE!!
by juselover November 25, 2010
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