Matthew means gift from god, usually a matthew is a sweet and caring guy, he will be very clever and good at sport. Matthews of this type usually only ever love one person, and always will, till their dieing day. Matthews can get very emotional and find it hard to express their feelings, matthews love music.
Oh look at that matthew over there, he's very handsome.
by Kamron Gallet December 29, 2011
A man who will always know how to treat his girl right. He may flirt with other people but keep in mind that he will always love you more than anyone else in the world! He's hot, sexy, adorable, cute, sweet, smart, funny, athletic etc. Even though he will act like a jerk sometimes it would probably only be that he's in a bad mood. The word "Matthew" actually means a gift of god. You can bet that he is. You'll probably fall in love with him as quick as lightning because of his personality.
Matthew is the sweetest guy I've met.
by DMlover April 18, 2013
He has much less class than zane and the rest of the world. A non classy person
Matthew says he has class but he doesnt
by llamaa=damaaa March 28, 2013
Some kid who everyone thinks is an ugly kid, but he has piercing sea-blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He's always faithful, and loves the girl he's with. Also intelligent.
Hey, look at Matthew over there, he's so ugly and I hear he has lizard rabies.

Hey! He's my boyfriend, and he isn't ugly on the inside! Learn more about him beforehand, dick biscuit!
by BladeF January 13, 2012
Sleazy mechanic, works for minimum wage outside of Mcdonalds cleaning the stalls. He's the type of guy to charge $180 dollars for an oil change, but the oil is really just his own urine that he stores in a jug. He's the type if guy that thinks he's everything, but is really just a sleazy cheap mechanic.
Jack: "Hey Sam where should I get an oil change?" Sam: "Don't go to Matthews. You'll get ripped off by that sleazy piece of shit"
by Juan Ricardo Montoya Velez November 06, 2013
Matthew; a person typically referred to as Matt and/or Mat. Generally loves weed/alcohol/Vicodin and xbox. Matthews tend to have big dicks and are commonly wicked floozys. Usually good-looking and generally a well-rounded player when it comes to girls. They tend to also be pretty hilarious and love to fight anyone who talks shit, and usually win due to an sudden, ridiculous adrenaline rush. Matthew's can be major dicks, but are usually good guys in general.
Brandon: "wooah dude, you see that fight today?"
Ryan: "yeah dude kevin went totally matthew on that kid!"
Brandon: "yeah what a fucking boss!"
by ilovemen_x3 December 17, 2011
To mess up ones fake tanning attempt resulting in an orange and white striped tiger-like look.
Check out how patchy that girl is, she has done a Matthews!
by BlueRover July 07, 2011
A Matthew is a guy who is tall, introverted, serious, and somewhat awkward yet mysteriously fuckable. Matthews usually have dark hair. However, there is a special species of Matthews known as the Mullins species which are blond-haired and extroverted. These Matthews are said to have magical social abilities and are well-liked, but regular Matthews are said to be better in bed.
"I really want to fuck a Matthew" - Said every smart person ever.
by bluegreengrass January 12, 2014

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