In New Orleans-specific usage:
To not receive a position at work, in an organization, or elsewhere after initially having been promised that position.

Derives from Matt Damon being announced as the King of Bacchus for 2010. Later, once the Saints were doing well, Bacchus's spokespeople stated that the king would be Drew Brees instead.
Bob: Man, my boss told me 2 months ago that I'd be promoted to assistant manager but then he chose Kelly instead.
Mark: Haha, you totally got Matt Damon'ed.
by gaslights January 25, 2010
describes a person with anywhere from two to sixty extra teeth.
Joe: "Damn, I didn't know these fish have teeth."

Jill: "Yeah, they're Matt Damon fish."
by Matt Damon's Mom August 11, 2008
A synonym to watermelon because when quickly glanced at the words look surprisingly similar.
Did you try on the Matt Damon flavor of chap stick yet?
by N. of G. July 11, 2008
When you bend a hanger straight then stick it in your dick then rub the hanger it on a electric fence.
I just gave myself a Matt Damon on a prision fence,it was awesome!
by shafty Mick Jonhson April 17, 2006
incredibly awesum actor and a hottie with sexy abs and a perfect smile!!
Matt's nickname should be Campbell cuz he is Mmm Mmm Good!
by *MDC all tha Way* November 09, 2003
A really really really hot actor that gets all the ladies.
Matt Damon gets all the ladies.
by Matt Damon gets al the ladies. January 19, 2005
the hottest and most most gorgeous person who ever set foot on this Earth who makes the best movies
Matt Damon is a HOTTIE BABY!!!!!
by Lauren November 14, 2003
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