kids say 'matt damon' instead to saying 'god dammit' when they're around adults cause it kind of sounds similar.
teacher: "Ok class, we are having a pop quiz!"
student: "Matt Damon!! I knew I should have stayed home sick today!"
by rdaugh December 03, 2007
A cry of exultation by a member of the winning side when an online battle has finished. Taken from the movie "Team America", where the actor's puppet can only comically spout his own name, "Matt Damon!!!!" is typed out at the end of a round just before a new one starts. Team Speak members can be heard echoing the name "Matt Damon" after it appears on the screen.
player a :gg
player b:gg
player c: vgg
player d: Matt Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Speak "Matt Damon..." "matt damon..."
by heyheyheya August 17, 2010
The most brilliant actor in the entire history of brilliant actors

07's Sexiest Man Alive


Matt Damon Eyes: Grey-blue eyes with a calm energy about them


To Matt Damon someone: To bowl over someone with such uber-brilliance, they might never recover from their charmed trance, even if it happened unconsciously/subconsciously
She watched The Bourne Ultimatum two years ago, and she still can't get over Matt Damon's brilliance


My kitten was a female, too bad; I couldn't name her Matt even though she had these beautiful Matt Damon Eyes


Shia LaBeouf is the only thing that has helped me get over Matt Damon
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
one of the best actors in hollywood. he is one of the few that actually chooses only good roles, not crappy ones unlike his untalented best friend, ben affleck.
matt damon is a better actor than ben affleck.
by Dick Darlington October 16, 2004
When you do, think or say something stupid, that was clearly avoidable.

From the movie "Team America - World police"
Its from the movie Team America in which the Matt Damon character only says "Maaaaaattttttt Daaaaammmoonn"

A usage example:
You fall over or you dont get a joke- "maaaatttt daammoonn"
Someone can also do a "Matt Damon" when the stupid thing is observed
by Leesa Tambo March 09, 2008
Verb. To actively pursue a group or individual for the purpose of performing advancing hand-to-hand combat techniques upon them. This is not to be confused with "Jason Borne", a verb which is similar to Matt Damon except the attacker does not know why he must attack his targets.
Liam Neeson- "If you don't tell me where you took my Doritos I'm going to Matt Damon you!"
Marko- "Good Luck"
by PabloMcCaso May 27, 2013
V. - To be own, pwn, make an example, and prove to be an incompetent and worthless noob, to rape and dehumanize. To boom headshot.
N. - A impotent incompetent mindless waste of flesh.
James "I can't out-snipe this guy, he's too fast. But he's running through the smoke to come into the tower."
William "No, he's wondering how I jumped off the stairs, turned, and headshotted him with my trenchgun in mid-air before he finished reloading. Assuming hes that smart."
James "God, you've got to stop Matt Damoning these guys so much."
by G.M.H. November 06, 2009

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