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Programming equivalent of the language spoken by the demons of the inner circles of Hell. Often poorly taught by graduate students to undergrads in science and engineering fields of study, usually under the false pretense that it is usefull for something other than bringing about the end of time. Could be a powerful tool of evil if anyone actually understood it.

Once thought to be derived from the English "matrix", meaning an array of numbers, and "laboratory", meaning a place of study. Now known to be a demonic word meaning 'a 3x3 matrix of 6's'.
Bob's eyes were dim and expressionless after completing his Matlab program... a clear sign that his soul had been torn away.
by hizaguchi April 21, 2005
Horrible programming language which is supposedly easy to learn, though it has caused countless nightmares…
I've been programming for 45 hours this week, which is what I'll be doing next week, too. I still won't get a 'B' in the course.
by matlabhater November 18, 2004
The stage previous to suicide. Sometimes suicide would be a better option.

It has nothing to do with actual life and there are no badgers involved (as i was previously informed). I'm disappointed.
im in a state of matlab
by Champ Atwal February 22, 2008
(1) gay
(2) really, really gay
Guy 1 - "Hey Guy 2, have sex with me."
Guy 2 - "Sorry, I'm not MATLAB."
by ETARR October 27, 2004
Matrix Laboratory. It's a programming language developed by The MathWorks intended for scientists and engineers.

Has lots of useful built-in functions and toolboxes for signal processing, data analysis, modelling etc.

Hard to get used to if you're used to C/C++ or Java as it is not object oriented, and the syntax is quite different.
MATLAB ccode example:

H=tf(60*pi, 1 60*pi);
by n04h August 02, 2006
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