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Programming equivalent of the language spoken by the demons of the inner circles of Hell. Often poorly taught by graduate students to undergrads in science and engineering fields of study, usually under the false pretense that it is usefull for something other than bringing about the end of time. Could be a powerful tool of evil if anyone actually understood it.

Once thought to be derived from the English "matrix", meaning an array of numbers, and "laboratory", meaning a place of study. Now known to be a demonic word meaning 'a 3x3 matrix of 6's'.
Bob's eyes were dim and expressionless after completing his Matlab program... a clear sign that his soul had been torn away.
by hizaguchi April 21, 2005
A small, independent island country in the West Indies (Caribbean). Originally a British colony and site of Port Royal, an important naval base and commercial center during colonial times. The country obtained independence from British rule in 1962. Currently famous for ganja, reggae music, the Rastafarian (rasta) religion, and jerk cooking. Home to a population of 3 million, the Bob Marley Museum, and some seriously frightening drivers.
Come to Jamaica and feel alright.
by hizaguchi April 21, 2005
1. cooking meat over burning pimento wood
2. more commonly used to refer to spicy seasoned meat that has become a popular Jamaican food
Example: jerk chicken
by hizaguchi April 21, 2005

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