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A common question used to answer the phone in Bakersfield, CA. It origination is uknown, however some speculate that it is traced to the Qatarian ancestors of the Janish tribe in Elk Hills. This saying was featured in the independent film, "Uncle Anna's Vagana".
Mathers? How can I help you.
#greeting #indians #natives #native americans #bakersfield #mather #quatar
by Liz Barrick October 19, 2007
Another word to describe an alcoholic who enjoys getting drunk on weekdays and beating their kids.
Boy:Did you hear about the guy at the pub?
Girl: I heard he got completely mathered!
#mather #drunk #pub #alcoholic #mathered
by mather66 July 21, 2011
(n.) A man who sleeps with a lot of women, i.e. gets a lot of pussy/beaver.
Named after Jerry Mathers, who played the lovable Beaver from 1957-63 on the hit show "Leave it to Beaver".
That Bill has a different chick every night. He's a real mathers!
#man-whore #beaver #pussy #tail #sex
by HelenHar January 26, 2007
an idiot, twat, moron, jerk
your really a mathers aren't you?
by wysiwyg March 25, 2004
A twin like libra and Jedward, yet not as dull as the former and much cooler than the latter of the two. One half is emotional and passionate bordering on aggressive, yet maintains the ability to entertain. Never witnessed the other half first hand, but likes to travel and educate. Probably safest encountered seperately for your own sanity and wellbeing.
#mayther #mayver #matha #mavva #mayva
by mattador December 07, 2010
Verb: To Mather: Meaning to assualt someone so visciously that the person who is Mathered cannot retreat under his own power and must be carried away by his friends. This term originated when a man named Mather was destroyed in an attack just south of Boston, Ma. Commonly pronounced Matha with a Boston accent.
Yo you see that dude mather that chump.
#mather #to mather #mathered #matha #mathah
by BostonBeer December 12, 2007
a noggin maker (not a great welder)
look at the noggins on that weld, must have been done by a mather
#fred #spud #amos #fairsy #madray
by batad May 21, 2006
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