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6 definitions by BlindBoy

An (ugly) woman with a man's physique
I live next door to Manwoman and she always wearing lycra .... Jesus !
by Blindboy June 16, 2004
Call 'em what you like, ladies have 'em and I luv 'em
Check out the funtubs on that bimbo, sure would like to rub my nuts on them ..
by blindboy August 23, 2005
The hanging of ones balls in disbelief
Neil, you may think your the great Nez-Nello but that's just ballhang
by Blindboy June 16, 2004
James Mathers, all of the above :-P
Is James at work, "no he is sick" Freaking Mathers
by BlindBoy February 15, 2005
A damn fine name for a boy
All the girls love Mullathan, he's so cool
by blindboy January 27, 2005
The person across the street burning the tire and the fridge 3 feet from the road, causing 7 foor flames and black smoke.
That stupid skitter is causing an enviromental disaster again.
by blindboy October 22, 2003