n. From the words Mathematician and Magician: A person who's so good at maths that the answers they come up with and techniques they use seem like magic to those of a more ignorant nature.
John Nash (from "A Beautiful Mind") could be described as a mathemagician
by mark_davo April 07, 2007
An old man in a robe and a pointy star hat who uses his arcane powers to make the distributive law of arithmetic fun, with limited success.
The mathemagician smiled. "2*(3+8) = 22, indeed! You have chosen wisely, young apprentice! Soon you will be ready to face the division dragon!"
by mothwentbad January 06, 2009
A person who by way of magic solves difficult mathematical problems.
"Boy Mr. Jargon, you sure are a great mathemagician."
by ak7 November 15, 2006
One possessing superior mathematical skills.
You would have to be a mathemagician to unravel the complexity of their latest budget proposal.

When it comes to statistics my brother is a mathemagician.
by deecee802 September 22, 2011

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