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Film loved by tweens, under-appreciated by 'cool' teens, but then loved by college folk who apprecitate its over-the-top chessiness and the fact it brings them back to their school-days, which despite sucking at the time were still 'the best days of their lives'.
Random: You wanna watch High School Musical
Tween: Yeah, Troy is so hot.
Teen: No way, that movie is for kids
Student: Sure. And is it just me or is that Troy one super-hot?
by mark_davo April 07, 2007
n. From the words Mathematician and Magician: A person who's so good at maths that the answers they come up with and techniques they use seem like magic to those of a more ignorant nature.
John Nash (from "A Beautiful Mind") could be described as a mathemagician
by mark_davo April 07, 2007
b)An experssion of sarcasm when asked a question to which the answer is a definite no.
He hardly made it

A: Did you make out with her last night?
B: Hardly!
by mark_davo April 07, 2007
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