A subject in school that requires adding, subtracting, multiplying, and other forms of calculation.
Math used to be so hard, now it's easy.
by someone else from windham June 26, 2003
See Confusion. Made cool by legends like Mr Clark. Unless its stats which sucks.
Oh no not Maths!
But sir...
I have a real reason this time.
by Any Normal Person July 17, 2003
the most brain-numbingly boring and gay subject ever to grace this planet.
who invented maths, i think they should burn forever in hell
by better than youuuuuu November 16, 2005
Absolutley crap its the worst thing ever i mean in real life why would you need to know about x or y its a load of shite
O my god we got maths today
Oh no its sooooooo borin
by bby lou xxx January 23, 2007
Ironically hated by most def. writers, because without maths, there would be no urbandictionary, no internet, and no computers...

Still, it's one of the most pointless subjects in the world...
2+2 is 5, 5+5 is 15 3+3 is 97,800,678
by PulpDood July 30, 2005
The subject used in highschools to prevent worthless morons who don't deserve to live from feeling like they are smart.
A task that can only not be completed by people without a fully functioning brain.
The subject in school that will actually get you a high paying job.
Since I didn't drop math I'll actually go to a good university
by Angela February 02, 2004
Physics' bitch. Only practical application being in phyiscs; otherwise completely useless. Similar to a whore: only good for one thing.
Sir Isaac Newton developed calculus for use in physics problems.
by Frunkard June 11, 2005

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