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A location frequently used for one's own masturbation, usually adorned with the fixtures for self stimulation such as pornography, and other turn-ons.
Jeff whacked off in his masturbatorium full of pictures of obese women and Bill Gates.
by Jeffrey Chan March 06, 2004
An entire room whose sole purpose is for masturbation. This room may include porno, hand lotion and kleenex, as well as maybe a magazine stand (so you can use both hands, or switch off if need be). A wooden chair and some candles may also be present.
"That little room under the stairs with the sign on it that says 'Jack Shack'? That's just the masturbatorium."
by danielle April 09, 2007
Any location wherein people of all ages, sexes, colors, and creeds come together to masturbate furiously, fiercely, and incessantly.
Hey guys, you wanna come to the masturbatorium later on? Me and some foreign chicks from the Jewish center were thinking of going.
by Paddycakehombre February 12, 2009
A room or special place designated by a person for masturbation.
Having watched the steamy blue movie, the man went directly to his masturbatorium to pleasure himself.
by the bukakan March 06, 2007
An establishment which facilitates and promotes self-pleasure without judgement or fear of reprisal.
Paul, we didn't see you last night at the bar. 
Paul: no, I cut out the middleman and went straight to the masturbatorium. 
by Usher of the Black Rod May 10, 2012
A place to masturbate, alone, or with others. Example is from a Playboy adult limmericks's column circa 1969.
Today's modern movie emporium
Is not just a cinamatorium
But a highly effectual,
Mutual Masturbatorium.
by napercos October 01, 2005
A location frequently used for one's own masturbation, but also a word-play on the similarly sounding 'master bedroom' or 'master bathroom'. This can be effective jab or pun that the owner of the house jacks it or whacks it alot.
Jack: "...And finally here at the end of the hall, are the bedrooms."

Me: "Oh, and might I assume this one is the masturbatorium?" ::smiling::

Jack: "Wha--Excuse me, what did you say?" ::agitated::

Me: "May I assume this one is the master bedroom?" ::speaking slowly, for clarity::

Jack: "Why, yes it is." ::relieved::

Me: "Well, I can imagine you spend alot of time in there." ::smiling::

by Bulldozr March 03, 2009
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