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your own personal masturbation space
gotta get my good finder and take it to my masturbatorium..
by cathy z January 30, 2008
Any place used for self pleasuring ie: masturbation on a consistant basis, particularly appropos when self inflicted pleasure is made into a full blown event. A bed, a restroom stall at work, a movie theater or even your car can be a legitimate masturbatorium.
Pinky: "I miss you so much LoD, I gotta hit the masturbatorium or I am never gonna sleep tonight!'
by LoD's Pinky January 04, 2006
A place to masturbate, alone, or with others. Example is from a Playboy adult limmericks's column circa 1969.
Today's modern movie emporium
Is not just a cinamatorium
But a hughly effectual,
Mutual Masturbatorium.
by napercos October 01, 2005