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Expertly jacking off.
Guy 1:Man, I think steve's masturbating again.
Guy 2: From the sound of it, he ain't just masturbating, he's MASTERbating.
by Sir Fizwheel Humperdink September 22, 2007
a common mispelling of the word "masturbating", which is the ING form of wordmasturbation]
1337_g33k: Im masterbating to porn
Normal person: Good to know.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
when a guy gropes his penis thinking about a girl, and then shoots out the substance inside of the penis
one of my friends was really horny and so he masterbated and jizz came out...
by Master at sex February 20, 2005
(verb/Adv.) to bat masterfully during either a cricket or a baseball game.
Game commentator: Did you see that HOME RUN, that was out of this WORLD. This truly is masterful batsmanship.
Me: No, this is just masterbating .
by mambassenpai November 12, 2014
when you wank huh huh huh
when you softly caress your boner when thinking of or in front of a girl/boy (you fucking gays)until you proceed to "shoot the load"
by sir wankalot May 08, 2003
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