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A text message sent to more than one person.
Usually signified by writing "MASS TEXTODUS:" before the actual contents of the actual message.
MASS TEXTODUS: Everyone! Party tonight at Ryan's house. Be there, or you're gay.
by Mr. Lemon October 19, 2009

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a single text that is sent from one person to many at one time. similar to a mass exodus in text form
cory sent out a mass-textodus before his party to all his friends to see if they would be attending
by robotsdontbreak July 31, 2009
The ability to text the same message to all your contacts at once from either your PC , Ipod ,cell phone. This is convenient for those special pictures you take on your cell, voicemails, text messages, porn, internet links, whatever. Do not recommend Mass Texting while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs as may cause personel problems.

Variations: Mass textodusing, mass textodused ect.
I mass textodused that picture of you I took in bed to all my buddies, your parents and everyone you work with including your boss, you cheating bitch!
by 2ndHandJoke December 24, 2010