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The ability to text the same message to all your contacts at once from either your PC , Ipod ,cell phone. This is convenient for those special pictures you take on your cell, voicemails, text messages, porn, internet links, whatever. Do not recommend Mass Texting while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs as may cause personel problems.

Variations: Mass textodusing, mass textodused ect.
I mass textodused that picture of you I took in bed to all my buddies, your parents and everyone you work with including your boss, you cheating bitch!
by 2ndHandJoke December 24, 2010
A Flailer is one of those mysterious friends that one day just disappearers off your Facebook friend list without any reason. If you have a large friend list, you may never figure out who it was and why they deleted, blocked or whatevered you. Not only is it rude ,but may cause negative feelings and nobody wants that.
You keep adding new friends but the number stated on your home page always stays the same... or goes down! You keep seeing your "good friend from high school" name in your suggested friend box, but you know you have added them already...three times! They are "Flailing" cause they are: Flailers"!
by 2ndHandJoke February 06, 2010
A Spinner is a Hot little female that is 5 foot high or under and weighs under 100 pounds. They are extremely sexy and horny. you are able to pick them up during sex and literally "Spin" them, so to speak. use your imagination, people.
"hey did u see that littleSpinner at the bar last night? yep, I would spin her like a airplane propeller, if I didn't have this ED problem"
by 2ndhandjoke February 20, 2010

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