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mashination is a versatile word and can be used in various ways yielding different meanings.

1- a conglomeration of objects now unable to be separated or returned to their original form. An inseparable mess.
2- A group who only eats their vegetables mashed.
3- The imagination of a twisted mind.
4- As a verb- to mashinate -To make a mess of or destroy something or someone.
Cindy: OMG what happened here last night?
Bill: We'll never straighten out this room. It's a total mashination.

Judy: Your grandparents are coming for dinner?
Bob: Don't forget, they are part of the mashination now.

Craig: Interesting painting.
Lucy: Ugh! Looks like the artist really used her mashination on that one.

Donna: Jim mashinates everything he comes in contact with...including his girlfriends!
Jane: Yeah, she'll never be the same.
by eeme February 13, 2010
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