an exceptionally heavy ejaculate, generally after prolonged abstinence from sexual activities
The next girl I fuck is gonna get a face full of mashed potatoes
by Shiesty McNasty December 24, 2009
Top Definition
Mashed potatoes at a party. Part of a larger expression of derision.
"Shit... if I knew it was going to be THAT kind of party, I would have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes!"
by Joshimo June 02, 2006
n. (sg. and coll.) an homosexual white male who is sexually attracted exclusively to other white males (usu. to the exclusion of Asian males). Cf. Sticky Rice, Potato Queen, Rice Queen
I don't understand why Daoqing hangs around with those racist German fags, he's never going get any of that mashed potato with his Chinese sausage.
by assarakh June 24, 2003
Under the influence of drugs, in an altered state of awareness.
Did you see Pauline and Christopher last night? They were mashed potato!
by itsmine August 24, 2011
Noun: a term for a light-skinned woman's breasts that describes their firmness; soft, lumpy.
"The first time I got to second base I wasn't ready for her mashed potatoes."
by Yoyomaaa June 23, 2014
The act of defecating onto one's chest, then dipping one's ballsack into the feces, leaving a crater. Then peeing into said crater. Creating a mashed potatoes-with-some-gravy inspired look.
My girlfriend is so weird, she let me do Mashed Potatoes to her.

My girl was pissing me off so I gave her some Mashed Potatoes to wake up to.
by Lienad15 March 12, 2014
When your penis becomes soft in New Jersey when you are having sex with a brodette at a disgusting beach house in the bathroom on top of your cousins puke from an hour earlier.
I had so many Jagr Bombs in Belmar, that I attempted to give Vanessa the peyton manning but I went limp and tried to stuff it into her taco with a spatula just like mashed potatoes.
by Sportnick9 February 22, 2008
people who sit on the couch for more then 4 consecutive hours while they fail out of school, mold over dishes, and play farmville.
My roommate is such a mashed potato that her computer charger burnt out from 16 straight hours of gilmore girls.
by squirrellswin December 12, 2009

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