Last night I had mashed potato....
by twigger 7777777 November 20, 2008
When your grandma gives you a blowjob while you take out the trash and her tits sag so low that your dick falls in her ass.
My Mashed Potatoes were mashed good
by i suck dicks mmmmmmm tasty December 26, 2008
(Noun Form)

Slang term. The feeling, or texture, of breasts when they are copped, groped or squeezed. The term should be used if the female’s breasts are soft, squishy, warm and if they fit nicely in the individual’s hands. (The last part isn't as important though.)

Similar terms are...

Potato”: When an individual fondles a female’s breasts (or even a large male’s boobs), in any way.
Self-Potato”: When a woman grabs her own breasts when she is lonely, bored or just for fun.
Dude, my girlfriend's boobs feel like mashed potatoes! I just can't stop touching them!
by Wonderland is a Mad, Mad Place February 15, 2010
The way that a person feels after engaging in sexual intercourse or after having an orgasm. This may include sleepyness, the inability to think straight, and the munchies.
That sex made me feel all mashed potatoes! I can't think straight! Hey, do we have any chex mix?
by ColleenaRae July 12, 2007
A pimple on your face that has popped without your knowledgs.
"Damn, Terri had a nasty mashed potato on her cheek this morning..."
by Russell H May 09, 2007
Cum basically. It came about when Lindsay was makeing a certain hand motion when saying the words "Mashed Potatoes" since that moment it has been witnessed and understood but many of Massapequa's youth and a Mall security guard.
Brittney-You eat mashed potatoes today Christa?
Christa-No but maybe next tuesday. You have any lately?
by The Onion February 12, 2005
Said in reference to sneaking up behind someone and humping them in the butt. Giving them ur mashed potatoes means to ejaculate in said person's anus. This is enjoyed by gay men and extremely slutty/kinky girls.
"Come here boy u gonna get sum a deeze mashed potatoes"
by dont worry about it February 12, 2005

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