A Smashing pumpkins box set that was given to Billy Corgan's closest friends. It has 77 unreleased songs; some from the radio, some live, and some just plainly never heard!
Whoa, I am getting the Box set "Mashed Potatoes". I can't wait. I love the smashing pumpkins!!!!! Billy Corgan, YOU ARE MY HEREO!
#awesome box set #awesomness by billy corgan #a box set given to fiends #77 smashing pumpkins songs in a nice little package #a 5 disc collection available on ebay
by Billy Corgan April 25, 2006
A potato, mashed
If them superstitious motherfuckers want to have that kind of party, I'm going to put my dick in the mashed potatoes.
by Matt January 25, 2004
The act of defecating onto one's chest, then dipping one's ballsack into the feces, leaving a crater. Then peeing into said crater. Creating a mashed potatoes-with-some-gravy inspired look.
My girlfriend is so weird, she let me do Mashed Potatoes to her.

My girl was pissing me off so I gave her some Mashed Potatoes to wake up to.
#mashed potatoes #mashed potato #mashed #potato #potatoes #sexual #act
by Lienad15 March 12, 2014
Refers to the state of mind one enters upon smoking wayyyy to much weed.

A euphoric feeling that warms the soul, induced strickly by some fuzzy haze, or fluffy diesel.
"Shitttt man I smoked so much last night I was like a lump of mashed potatoes!"

"Mashed Potatoes anyone??"

"Yooo I cant feel my legs...im mashed potatoes right now son!"
#high #pot #weed #stoned #stoney baloney #stoney jabroni #baked #half baked #blazed #ripped #smashed #wacko
by Jrockwhc76 May 13, 2009
when one ejaculates in another's anus, and then they fist the load as far in as possible.
anal intercourse with johnny is so good, especially when he gives me mashed potatoes
#mashed #mash tatos #potato fist #mash #mashed deep
by jeremyspearout January 10, 2007
an exceptionally heavy ejaculate, generally after prolonged abstinence from sexual activities
The next girl I fuck is gonna get a face full of mashed potatoes
#ejaculate #cum #semen #facial #mashed potatoes
by Shiesty McNasty December 24, 2009
an under-tanned or white person who does not do any type of regular physical exercise and therefore is out of shape. Mashed potatoes are soft, lumpy, squishy pale colored mush all over the body. Primarily fat in the stomach region, but can also be found in the legs or arms. Can appear in men or women and sometimes even in kids. NOT attractive or sexy. Beware of the mush!!!
Ew, that guy has mashed potatoes everywhere. I don't think I'd touch him with a ten foot pole.
#fat #pale #fluff #mush #soft
by rachd19 November 13, 2010
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