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A gay asian male who prefers to date (NOT necessarily older) caucasian men. Unlike bitter (usu. less attractive)sticky rice, who have given up on any chance of dating or interacting with men outside their race, potato queens make friends of all races.
Sure, he's a potato queen and has his eye on that surfer boy, but that doesn't mean he won't make friends with Danny Lin.
by RiceBowl September 16, 2003
A potato queen is a gay asian male who is predominantly attracted to only gay white males. 'Potato' describes the gay white male AND his supposed primary food form. Queen describes a gay person of flamboyant nature.
This exclusivity in affection for the 'other' race is often ridiculed by other asians and deemed as betrayal or abandonement of one's own race/culture. More often that not, a potato queen is labelled so by others, not a self claim.
The 'potato queen' along with its family terms such as 'sticky rice' and 'rice queen' in itself is frowned upon today because they're viewed as stereotypes, in a gay world that has far too many already.
Cho is a potato queen because he is only sexually attracted to caucasian men.
by khoi1979 July 11, 2007
A gay asian male who exclusively dates caucasian males that are usually, but not necessarily older. While professing to be open-minded about race, the fact that they only date white males to the exclusion of asian, black, hispanic, and middle eastern males demonstrates they are close-minded. Usually this is the result of self-hatred. By admitting they only find caucasian males attractive, they are tacitly admitting they do not find asian males attractive and thus, do not find themselves attractive. Considering oneself unattractive is an indication of low self-esteem and self-hatred, which is pervasive among potato queens. For this reason, Potato Queens are usually found in America where the white media dominates. Potato Queens and their followers tend to dislike Sticky Rice because it reminds them of their own self-hatred.
John is such a potato queen, he only chases white guys no matter how ugly they are.
by Norton Anti-Virus November 28, 2007
Quite simply, potato queens are gay Asian males who tend to feel sexually attracted to White guys, but do not discriminate in friendship. Potato queens are usually more attractive, fun, outgoing and self-confident than their sticky rice counterparts. Often bitter, racist anti-White sticky rice will try to bash potato queen Asian males because the potato queens have no romantic interest in dating the generally less attractive, ethnocentric sticky rice. One needs only to look at some of these other definitions from English grammar-challenged Asian stickies to see this. Sadly for sticky rice, White guys usually are not into them anyway and generally prefer potato queens, so sticky rice animosity becomes a moot point.
David Chang is proud of his Asian heritage AND tends to be romantically interested in caucasian men, so I guess that makes him a potato queen.
by NiceTennisGuy April 02, 2005
GAM's (Gay Asian Males) that are only attracted to White guys (GWM - Gay White Males). Whilst some people conclude that Potato Queens hate themselves, I disagree. I mean to say, do butch straight guys hate themselves because they go out with girls who are feminine? No Way! If we look at nature, there is a genetic advantage in seeking a partner that is different from yourself. So under the covers we are looking for some difference, in one form or another.
Potato Queens are more positive thinking than Rice Queens, until someone tells them they hate themselves (... ah the power of suggestion).
by smileclick January 24, 2007
A Potato Queen is a female who doesn't belive in their own attractiveness, and thinks they have the sexual appeal of a potato. They are single, with all of their friends asking them for advice on relationships. They have accepted their potato appeal.
Hey, are you dating anyone?
No, I'm a Potato Queen, I don't get laid.
by DancingWo1f November 04, 2014
irish tumblr queen of potatoes mia riley
have you seen mia's tumblr? she is the potato queen of tumblr.
by tumblrbaby April 23, 2011
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