When you first meet her she seems innocent but she really isn't! She is crazy (In a good way), sweet, funny, kind, and caring. She is usually shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her you will get to witness her craziness! She is an amazing, loyal friend who will never let you down.
Mary is awesome.
by FreakingWeirdo July 22, 2013
A tall, beautiful green eyed girl. Has a perfect body, is the best girlfriend in the world. A loyal friend, sometimes TOO loyal. Wonderful in every aspect.
Guy 1: "WOW who is that?!"

Guy 2: "That's Mary, I hear she is dating that guy from our english class."

by mr.manjojojo September 07, 2010
A girl who is the nicest and sweetest. She always cares for others even if they don't care for her. She's the most adorable in all the world.
Guy: Dude, she gave me her lunch today. I didn't have one
Guy 2: you don't even talk to her!
Guy: I know. She's such a Mary
by GoooddsamKa December 19, 2013
Mary's is a really outstanding person.She's also a loving person.She can joke around yet she always make people smile.She's a really beautiful and unique person.
She also is the best girl to a guy.She's a really intelligent young lady.She has a true heart.
Friend:God look Mary can help make me smile.
by gwhuilhg December 31, 2014
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is perfect from inside out in so many ways. She has an amazing laugh, if she starts to laugh you can't stop yourself from laughing. You'll never get bored of talking to her cause she has many stories willing to say. Mary is kind and caring, the love of my heart.
beautiful perfect love Mary Love can be for miles away, but love comes in different shapes and sizes. In my case my heart said, "I love her and she's the one."
by ~~~~Anonymous~~~~ January 23, 2014

1. The perfect girl.

2. An elegantly gorgeous female with the pure combination of superb intellect and impeccable personality.
"I'll find my Mary Hallman someday." - (Most male Community Advisers. 2011.)

She is my Mary Hallman.

Marry Hallman is Mary Hallman.
by ISUCA2 January 16, 2014
Marys tend to be very confusing people and hard to understand at times. Mary's are confident but shy. She tends to be outgoing and a bit obbseseve. She will be a hopeless romantic and fall in love with people who she has no chance with. She will tend to fall and spill things, a bit of a clumsy person. Despite her love not loving her she is not afraid to express that she loves him. Mary would be described as a creative, outgoing, fun and so much more. Her style tends to be very self expressive and bold. The only likely soulmate name is Haidyn. And she is very likely to grow up and many kids. Despite all we know about her name she is still a very complex person to understand.
He was smiling because he had seen Mary for the first time.
by urbantruthsunfolded March 10, 2015

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