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The girl that loves people for who they are. Always looked to as a friend or someone to get help from.
Man 1:"How about that girl Mary?"

Man2: "Oh she's definitely a keeper."

Man 1: "Boy she is fine."
by JJBizzle March 25, 2010
203 111
the girl who makes perfect grades, plays sports, is pretty, really cool, athletic and fun! The type of girl is hard to find. She's a really great person to hang out with. She enjoy's english and likes to read.

"Mary, damn she's smart!"
by Lisa Macrisheaear April 23, 2009
620 528
The sexiest person you'll ever know. Absolutely amazing, intelligent and a damn good pool player!
She's bringing sexy back... she's Mary!
by lyntylou February 03, 2010
274 184
Probably the cleverest and most influential of all ancient Judean women.
Joseph: You're WHAT?!? Aw, shit, your old man is gonna kill me.

Mary: Don't worry, I thought up a great story.
by Johnny Iron February 01, 2007
292 204
Mary is typically a girl that strives to be ontop but is happier to be in the middle. You cannot be around her without knowing what's around the corner. Always an adventure. Very laid back-classy, would drink beer out of a wine glass kind of girl! She holds to memories and treasures all of her friends. Her significant other may wear the pants but she picked them out for him! Intelligent, ambitous, courageous, seductive, wild, beautiful all the way around, and anything but boring!

Loves to buy useless toys, anything on sale, and stuff for every one else but herself.
Loves going to the movies!
Screams a one of a kind scream when someone is making out!
When pulled over, she makes out with cops.
Mary- "I picked you up something from Hobby Lobby, Its nothing big but totally you! It was on sale."
Mary when someone is kissing- "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
by ChelConn January 08, 2010
268 183
some one eceedingly happy, who feels it nessesary to live every day to the max.
"You sure are Mary today"
by gerald w. May 06, 2009
207 133
A very outgoing, amazing person. She is always there for you when you need her most. She loves to make you smile and wont hesitate to make a joke out of almost every uncomfortable situation. She is the best friend you can have.
Her: I cant believe he left me.

Mary: Dont worry girl, Hey! at least now we can go out clubbin'!
by Hunie February 04, 2010
209 139