Slang for taking a shit.
Man, I gotta Marty!
by BigR June 21, 2013
Looking good or fly as in Marty McFly
looking fly as fuck
Looking Marty tonight
by Ted Aire May 28, 2015
A type of person who has extreme ADD and a rather prominent accent that is quite often made fun of. However, Martys have been known to have a keen sense for dancing. One might find a Marty randomly wopping. Ex. wopping to school, wopping in the shower, or wopping in the movies.
Why are you talking like that? OHH youre a Marty.

Youre dancing like a Marty broski.
by rayjay69 January 05, 2011
When one wears clothes that allow thier stomach (usually unflattering) to be seen by the general public, can be due to a short shirt, too big of a stomach, or stretching to reach something. Most people named Marty exibit these, but it is not exclusively reserved for people named Marty.
Gross, I can see your Marty! OR Dude your Marty is hanging out
by CountryWorker February 13, 2011
A common nickname given to people by the name of Martin. Marty's often times tend to manage to cock-block themselves. Most Marty's resemble famous people on the internet, and make failhearts. Marty's have natural 8-pacs, yet their nipple are small like shriveled raisins. Marty's aren't the best drinkers, so if you ever see one at a party, make sure he doesn't drown in his own vommit (A common technique to prevent this would be to forcefully gag him with your fingers). Badass Marty's usually have badass friends too which is badass, badass.
Damn, Marty really needs to clean his hat. It looks like some one crapped on it.

I liked that kids mohawk...too bad he cut it off. I almost though he was a Marty.
by A Badass Friend October 21, 2010
A friend thought the NHL goalie nittymaki was Niggermarty, so now marty is another term for nigger.
I was having a really good, until all those damn marty's ruined it
by ehhhhhhmarty July 19, 2011
it is almost unheard of that this is a girls name,however does appear on the rare occasion that the parents did not realise it is short for 'martina'

marty's are generally younger siblings, and are often quite attractive

marty (noun): pencilcase

heidi: i lost my marty!!!
naomi: did you check your school bag?
heidi: no
by thesisterofapencilcase October 19, 2007

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