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it's not marshmallow, it's marshmellow damn it, david.
marshmellow ^_^
by kitty April 02, 2004
A word used to break the ice when talking to a stranger or a sexually exciting female.
So..... how about the weather...........
by Tay Coth February 06, 2003
A Marsmellow is when your penis is as small as a marshmellow
Wow, Nick, when I saw you changing in the locker room, I saw that you had a pretty small marshmellow.
by xN4UGHTYUTT3Rx and FORMZ69 May 02, 2009
a white gooey food substance...one that Bill tries to cook over scented candles and then throws up chunks in the bathroom//on the floor//in the sink//on the ceiling//in the toilet//in the shower//bathtub lol
Bill: hmm im hungry...I GOT AN IDEA! why dont i try to toast a Marshmellow over a candle!! (a few minutes later the marshmellow is toasted and he takes a bite) mm that tastes....(after he gives his stomach a few seconds to digest the marshmellow) like pine needle! yuck! (he runs to the bathroom and barfs all over the place)

Kyrstin:(is rolling on the floor laughing like a manic) THATS WHAT YOU GET BILL!!
by KyrstinAnnette November 18, 2006