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When one person prematurely trys to open the passenger door on a vehicle while the driver simultaneously trys to unlock the door, causing it to relock and keep the passenger outside.
"Hey man let me in the car already, it's cold out here!"

"I've been trying to, but you've lockblocked me like 5 times in a row now!"
by Stytches June 02, 2005
When someone shares the same plane of movement with you in a paralell manner, usually very annoying. Happens mostly while driving, when one drives next to you, speeding up as you speed up and slowing down when you slow down, preventing you from changing lanes. Also happens while walking down the street, waiting in line, or jogging somewhere populated.
I was gonna get off at the last exit but that motherfucker in Tauras kept partylining me so I couldn't get over.

Hey I think that guy in the blue shorts has something for me. Everytime I get up to run a lap he keeps catching up and partylining me. It's really uncomfortable!
by Stytches June 02, 2005
Term used to explain a overweight caucasian.
HENRY: Hey Tyrone, can I have some more barbeque chips?

TYRONE: Shut the fuck up you marshmellow bitch.
by Stytches May 09, 2005

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