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A super fun girl with a lot of spunk. She is very outgoing and up for anything. At times she can be a little wild but everyone loves her. She is known for her breath-taking beauty. Most marri's are country girls and like to play in the dirt!
Look at Marri out there rootin in her 4 by 4 raisin hell with the boys.
by Marri Robinson March 13, 2008
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A desperate person who doesn't have real friends and spend 24/7 on the computer chatting to perverts and pedophiles and not going ot school or finding a real job.

She can get soem nice guys if she really focuses on real work for once. ANd can get good friends if she just socialize with other and not be mean to them.
You're such a Marri.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
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probably a genderqueer person who is very gay.
lmao your such a marri dude
by extraextraicetea February 23, 2017
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