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(Noun) One who is completely incompetant in a msn messenger conversations and is constantly needing to be updated or ask what is going on, a communicable disease that can be passed on quite easily to the other/multiple people in the conversation.
Taryn was the first one to spread Marquephobia, she passed it on to darren
by johnny Jaggermeister April 05, 2006
Marquephobia (noun) - the fear of reading and understanding sentences or only reading words, but without processing what they actually mean
Taryn: are you kidding me?
darren: kidding what?
Taryn: what is marquephobia?
darren: what is what?
fraser: like you don't know
taryn: i don't
fraser: you gave it to us
taryn: gave you what
fraser: huh?
taryn: tell me please
darren: tell you what


fraser: wanna go on a date taryn?
taryn: what?
fraser: wanna go on a date taryn?
taryn: with who
by benjamin mortenson April 28, 2006
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