verb. when your using clear tape and can't find where it begins
"i used glue instead of tape because i kept marping."
by sheistyskeeze August 12, 2008
(Often spelled out M.A.R.P.) A word used to describe any long cylindrical or boxy object that is slightly reminiscent of a phallus in any way. Often used when describing unknown objects fitting this description that may also vibrate or have a sound-producing characteristic, such as a vacuum cleaner hose, vibrating toothbrush, a truck trailer, a locomotive, a Boeing 747, an elevator shaft, a large building, a light pole, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, or even a chainsaw. The acronym originated in late 2004 from the company "Miss Anne Robbe Productions" used when making fun of sexually related items.
person 1: "Dude, what is that long shafty looking metal thing protruding from the earth with that light at the top?"
person 2: "Haha! I don't know, but it looks like a MARP!"

person 1: "Hey man, check out my new model rocket!"
person 2: "Wow! It totally looks like a MARP! Hope this one doesn't land on the neighbor's roof again!"

driver: "I think my truck needs some engine work."
mechanic: "Ok, what's wrong?"
driver: "well, every time I start it up, it sputters and jumps all around like a giant MARP!"
mechanic: "Well, at least it's not a Dodge Neon!"
by Jesse Chessapeake April 23, 2008

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