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Apparently, I'm a goth.

One shouldn't call themselves a goth, but after most of the people you know start to call you it, it just seems to fit.

Goths vary greatly.

We can be really nice people, or very nasty people.

We are usually artistic or bright, but keep very quiet.

We generally keep to ourselves, and don't cause trouble.

However, a Goth can be dangerous, as a lot of hate can be built up for a long time.

Satanism, wearing black, and any other stereotypical image is false. A goth does what he or she wants to.

A poser is simply someone who wants to be a goth. If you're a goth, you're a goth. It's not something to work towards. And it's not up to you (or me) to judge who is a poser and who isn't.

A goth is usually very dark and hates a lot of things. The mind of a goth is complex and beautiful, but not a very nice place.

A goth who wears nothing but black is a goth who wears nothing but black. This doesn't make them a goth. It doesn't make them a poser.

As long as it's not anything blindingly happy or stupidly depressing, goth's could listen to anything. Death Metal, Nu Metal, Gothic Metal, Classical, Gothic Rock, even Rock.

A true goth is defined by state of mind. A goth is hateful and chooses to be. But they do not choose to be a goth.

DO NOT confuse goth with emo. They are two very different things. Emo's are glorified people who have strong emotional tendancies. Goths are in control, relaxed and are secure.
Poser: "I wear black the whole time and I love it!!!! And this music is soo cool!! I love it all!! I'm such a good goth, see? I do everything right."

True Goth: "No, I don't cut myself. Why would I? The human body is to be respected, why damage yourself in any way? And talk to me like that again and I'll knock you out."
by Zimlock November 14, 2008
1. (Exclamation) Basic exclamation for someone who can't think of a better word at the time.
2. (Noun) A move or greeting where two people high five each other, then proceed to keep one hand forward and shake the other hand, open, in the air, behind oneself. Done as a gesture of great friendship, or in private because you have nothing better to do.
3. (Verb) To do the marp/To marp(See above)
4. (Verb) To roll one's tongue in a sexual manner.
5. (Adjective) Stupid; Silly; Outrageous
6. (Preposition) Above; on top of.
1. "MARP!"

2. *Marp*

3. "'I do the marp'; 'I marp'

4. *Marps*

5. "What a marp t-shirt."

6. "The tea's marp the cabinet."
by Zimlock December 02, 2008

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