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Those maroons love to jog all day on the beach.
by frishy May 15, 2010
The name of a band I once had. Not to be confused with Maroon 5.
Maroon was doomed from the start.
by Persephone~ January 17, 2009
A mook with a Ph.D
Upon finishing his doctoral thesis, that stupid asshole frat jerkoff officially became a Maroon.
by Zippy, the Pinhead September 06, 2007
A maroon is a common word used to describe the Queensland State of Origin Rugby League team. This is due to the colour of the team's uniform being the colour maroon. Another common word for the team are the Cane-toads, due to Queensland being where the cane toad was inrtoduced to Australia
Go The Mighty Maroons!!!!!
by telstratouchfone October 22, 2006
Southernism for moron, especially when it is shouted form a car....
by Bitchieygurl13 July 10, 2004
An electrically fired thunderflash, set off in a steel tank fitted with a wire mesh top, to simulate an explosion.

These are so loud that it is as well to inform the police in advance if one is to be set off (and at what time), so that they can be ready to deal with hundeds of reports of bombs going off.
The heavy metal band 'Maroon' takes its namesake from this word as well as many college newspapers around the country
by MistressofToast April 20, 2006
1. A default moron.
1. You can depend on Rob to act like a maroon when he gets on his soapbox.
by Harry Flashman June 27, 2003