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The stage after browning when a woman's blob juice infuses with the stale stagnant brown crust of the anus, resulting in a sloppy rich maroon coloured splendour between the snatch and crack (formally known as humber bridge).
Not the best day for Tilly to do a marathon, she had been marooning since her period last May.

Rodger: "Finally got Kitty back to mine last night... got more than I bargained for"
Malcom: "No way man! Can't believe she marooned!"

Mundy: "How was the Destiny's Child concert last night?"
Pete: "Was so good Munds, I got so close, I could almost taste Beyonce's maroon."
#marooning #maroon #marooned #anus #period #blob #beyonce #snatch #gooch #humber bridge
by T.Stainz April 30, 2013
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