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A shorter way to say Camaro. One of the best cars made that will beat any Mustang on any given day.
"Have you seen Bryan's maro? Damn it's nice lookin and hella fast."
by Bryan February 27, 2005
An amazing girl who will some day change the world. Characterized as smart, funny, random, they never follow others, marches to her own beat. She loves to do things athletic and still trys to find time for techno dance partys. May turn out to be quite silly after a long day, and are always fun to be around. A bueatiful, happy girl who is compassionate and very caring for those she loves. Spreads smiles contagiously. Any guy who is lucky enough to date a maro should treat her like a queen and be happy to have gotten to know her.
That girl is such a maro, finding time for college sports and a hard degree.
by Kroutenstein March 19, 2009
marò è uno stile di vita, un obbiettivo e un sogno allo stesso tempo
ridateci i marò
e i marò?
si, ma i marò?
prima i marò
by moltoblurryface May 06, 2016
Its a slavic name, but also means superhero; man with abnormal abilities and big penis. Men called Maros does really have big penises often.
Hey, did you see that? Wow, that man, that's a Maros.
by Mr.Goodliving December 03, 2008
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