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1. A jellylike preserve in which small pieces of fruit and fruit rind, as of oranges or lemons, are suspended

2. A method for banging a slimmie in the ass.
What's the difference between jam and marmalade? You can't marmalade your cock in a girls ass.
by Anfron December 05, 2008
A new fresh term invented to replace the boring old word 'to jam'. Replacement for the word 'Jam" as in, to play music together.

Let's jam after school= Let's marmalade after school
"What do you want to do tonight?"
"Let's marmalade."

The last time I marmaladed ( past tense of 'marmalade') was with my friends in my basement. We marmaladed to all these Beatles tracks. There was so much marmalade, it was so sticky. (PUN!)
by altothevin October 18, 2009
a term for a person to indicate they are everything. They are the juice, the fruit, the seeds, the rind. This person is attractive, smart, sexy, kind, funny, talented and nothing else compares.
My boyfriend is marmalade.
by Kiki Montaparte April 27, 2011
When someone is not just jealous (jelly) they are seething with jealousy from every pore of their body.
"I hate that guy. He gets laid all the time. He drives a nice car. Has a nice house. Has tons of money."

"Don't be so marmalade."
by Andrew Mullen February 12, 2012
The natural lubricant of the anus, designed to enable shit to slide out more easily but which also facilitates the insertion of golf balls.
"I was holding in a shit all last period but it turned out to just be a huge fart, however I wiped anyway in case some marmalade had come out."
by MrCardboard November 07, 2011
it's the new meaning for any thing that you find gay about males or if you are gay what you like about another male.
straight man :that guy is so marmalade look at how he talks to joe

gay man: man what are you talking about that man over there is so firkin marmalade i wish he was talking to me.

straight man : get out we all ready have a gay friend in our group.
by Piekarski January 20, 2011
Aside from being a popular breakfast condiment, marmalade is used to describe something approved by a person or alternatively, if no other word seems appropriate, marmalade can be used. Also used as a greeting.
"What did he give you?"
"Um just some marmalade.."

Yo marmalade features!
What the marmalade you up to?
by Gee, Ro, Sarah and Bee May 22, 2005
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