Aside from being a popular breakfast condiment, marmalade is used to describe something approved by a person or alternatively, if no other word seems appropriate, marmalade can be used. Also used as a greeting.
"What did he give you?"
"Um just some marmalade.."

Yo marmalade features!
What the marmalade you up to?
by Gee, Ro, Sarah and Bee May 22, 2005
nickname for a girl that has red to red-orange hair, who's very sweet, but spunky, like orange marmalade.
She's like orange marmalade.
by Meshack Wren April 21, 2008
Heroin. White, odorless, addictive. A thousand orgasms. Fine china.
I saw a bum shooting marmalade into his toe. Gross!
by Kelvin Kwok July 08, 2006
pronounced Mar-mah-lard...
used to add humour to a conversation and is also an interpretation of the word marmalade with a strange accent.
Sweet Lady Marmalade
by Nicola and Rose June 25, 2007
Favorite topping for english muffins, toast and sran cakes of the Srigger population. Usually consumed on a monorail
Passam'nah the marmalde, m'nah?
by Srig-o-rama December 01, 2003
A term used to offend someones mother.
Your ma is a maramalade.
by Tom Browne May 24, 2005
a song by System of a Down
Me: Hey have you heard Marmalade by Soad?
Soad fan: Dude! That song rocks!
Me: Whoa...chill man...
by Inuyasha007 May 31, 2006

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