1.) (n) A very nice, attractive young lady, with a glowing personality.

2.) (n) The type of girl that EVERY guy wants to know a little better.

3.) (m) A girl that makes you go WEEEEE.
That girl is a slimmie. Wow, I must hug her.
by THE WOOD April 22, 2004
A very attractive young lady. Will usually be found traveling in herds of 3-4 fellow slimmie's.
Damn, their are made slimmies up in this biotch.
by killa park March 25, 2003
slut.(also see chicken head)
dana and mercedes are slimmies.
Basically The Fashion Of Emo, But Not As Dark. Skinny Jeans, Tight Tops, Hoodies And Converse.
"You Emo!"

"Im Not Fucking Emo! Im Slimmie!"


"Look It Up Dick Head!"
by .Inside.The.Fire. May 14, 2008

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