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A lame, unfunny comic strip in the newspaper centred on the antics of one large dog named Marmaduke.
Marmaduke is one of the shittiest comic strips ever. Read Foxtrot, it's 10x better.
by 4dimensional January 02, 2005
68 29
Motorboating, but with your tongue waving all over and tons of slobber flying everywhere.
I was more than happy to marmaduke her ample cleavage.
by Kray-Zee September 15, 2009
32 8
The act of mooning another individual, or group, and bending at such an angle that the mooner's ball sac is revealed.
I was so upset by the referee's bad call, that I dropped my drawers and blinded him with a marvelous marmaduke.
by Rowdy Yates January 04, 2006
16 9
a talking dog. or a close friend.
hey, look at that marmaduke
by maramdukegooch August 02, 2010
9 3
The act of engaging in sexual congress with a large dog.
That may be hot, but you know what's hotter? A really hot chick getting Marmaduked.
by Yllets December 24, 2008
12 6
A dog in the Cartoon section of newspapers.
"Did you see the Marmduke strip yesterday?"

"Fo' shizzle, mah nizzle!"
by Christina August 31, 2003
22 18
the runt of the pack. commonly to refer to himself as 'frodo' due to lack of originality and pure BUTTERZness. can be found wanking over pictures of huckleberry with his grotty little willy.
is that a meal worm or a penis you're wanking with you disgusting marmaduke!
by huckleberry1 July 19, 2011
2 1