A fat, long blunt that burns slowly that can cause the munchies like a muthafucka.
The other night me and my boo rolled a marley and got higher than a bitch.
by kalil March 04, 2005
a geek or a nerd that thinks he is all that or he may just be a pain in the ass dog. Loves attention and maybe sweet, sometimes. Can be funny at times.
Dued he is such a Marley!
by belldandy199465 November 30, 2009
An adult cigarrette, packed with cronicy goodness. Usually rapped with tabbaco tackness unless its a megga marley, in which case the tackness does not flow
Wrap a quick marley...............Build a bid doobie!!!!!!!!!!!!
by MIKE MIKE THE MAN October 25, 2006
1. n. A small reinforcement placed in the base of a joint usually made of thick paper or light cardboard. Marijuana smokers usually tear a small piece of paper from their package of rolling papers to create a marley. This is a typical practice for many Europeans.
"You dumb mafacker, you're smoking the marley. Throw that shit out the window, nigga."
by King Donko of Punchstania October 20, 2005
kind of two faced

has pretend friends
wowww marley
by goshhhdie November 20, 2010
often slutty. cant keep her legs closed.
Dude i think marley gave me aids last night!
by hgferrfg February 05, 2010
1) often the last person to show up to a party, and the least liked guest (eats food in your fridge and invites self in)

2) only dates violent fat punks with drinking problems and will lay anyone who gives her a beer.

3) someone who would beat up a seriously disadvantaged person just for fun
ex. cripples, little people, large children, people with no limbs.

4) an ugly bucket of yuck punk lady who lacks self respect and rhythem all at the same time.

5) someone who is fucking DOOMED.
"only a marley would bury her dead hookers like THAT"

"please use protection, do you want to catch a marley?"
by someone awesome. June 11, 2006

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