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The best cigarettes money can buy
Marlboro Reds may be dangerous, but they have a great taste.
by SuperSonicX September 23, 2005
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Truly the best ciggarette out there. Amazing flavor. There's nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and having yourself a marb red. The smoke surrounds you and you get this head rush, it's like a drug and you spend a few minutes in heaven. Good quality, but considered harsh. Only for the real smokers. If you can't handle the marb reds, gtfo.
"Hey, dude. Need a smoke, I'll lend you a newport"

"Nah, man. I don't smoke bitch cigs, marlboro reds all the way"

by Elle Haven August 13, 2008
Marlboro reds are a popular short filtered cigarette with a smooth taste. Relaxes you and when angry helps calm you down.
Marlboro reds are always in demand, that's why can buy them anywhere.
by Rourke April 12, 2008
Heaven sealed in a red box. Marlboro's are yummy cigarettes that give you a delighful head rush that sets you flying away. I inhale it deep, and let the smoke slowley rush out of my mouth/nose.
Marlboro Red are pure heaven in a red box.
by Kiddo xx December 28, 2006
The best ciggarettes in the world although some may say they are the racist ciggarette becaise the box has a total of 3 k's in the design of the box but well worth the haters
Mayn i hate Marlboro Reds they nigga hatas but they taste so damn good i might accidentally go cracka
by Tony York June 18, 2006
hands down the best cigarette in existance. Some people call them "cowboy killers" but other people call them the best motherfuckin cigarette ever. but other than that there is NOTHING better than gettin a pack of Reds and if you get anything other than marlboro reds you are retarded
chilly: i need a cig.
adam: want me yo steal a couple from my dad
chilly: hell no! he smokes parliament's. I got a pack of Marlboro Reds
adam: tru lets go i need one too
by shortkid69 January 08, 2010
Simply the best cigarettes put on Earth. For the people who say "they're too strong", it's not true, it's just because you're TOO WEAK and probably aren't even a real smoker.
#1: Look what I'm smoking (shows pack)
by RESTI1 January 07, 2010
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