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1) One who usually has tubes in his chest
2) uses everyone he can for what ever they have
3) usually on myspace looking for girls under 14 or at the local jr high watching cheer leading practice
4) known for not having any variety
5) compulsively lying about everything
6) falls inlove with girls that look like men
2) "hey thomas come over"
"alright my mom will take me though cause my car broke down"
"oh nevermind then"

3) "hey how old are you"
":D B=====D~~~"

4) "dude stop doing the same trick"
"oh sorry i felt like mark b today"

5) "i fakie varial heeled fisler"

6) "hi my name is anita but my friends call me MANita cause i look like a dude"
":D <3<3<3<3"
by Martin Steezfactor January 12, 2008
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