Little short pudgy ass pizza making plumbing looking mutherfucking italian whose brother luigi should get all the hoes and beat his ass but is upstaged by this Giovanni looking muthafucka.
"It's a me Mario... Fuck You You bitch nigga mario... BANS
by lickitty split February 14, 2008
A very unusual guy with a huge nose and gets no girls because he is very ugly
I saw a Mario at school he hit me with his nose
by Zaza1765 May 05, 2016
An Incredibly Thoughtful Person, He Is A Very Generous And Loving Person He Is Very Handsome And The Girl He Picks Is Very Lucky To Have Him
I Love mario with All Of My Heart
by Britney ortiz April 16, 2016
Mario was a carpenter in his days, but now he's just a pimp-ass plumber with a younger brother that often get's ignored. He is a Superstar in Mushroom Kingdom just because he saved the princess a couple of times (big deal). His brother, Luigi, always stays watching over the home (on the other hand, who would be stupid enough to rob Mario and Luigi's hut?).
Peach: "Mario, you're my hero!"
Mario: "Shut the fuck up-a and a-start sucking-a like it a-is macaroni!"
by Rentarn November 26, 2005
Someone weird ass Hero of Hyrule or something or other that no one has ever heard about.
*Reading magazine article on video games*
Who is this, Mario, you speak of?
by Gnile18 December 08, 2010
a italian plumber that kills turtles and gets high on mushrooms making him think he can grow 10 feet tall or turn into other stupid things as ghost that was developed by a japanese guy in the 80's
me and my friend went mario after eating bout 100 mushrroms
by 2bluepokemon December 06, 2008
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