A Papi Chulo! Sweet Kind, everything a papi-chulo is.
Also atleast 6 inches. Mostly attached to the last name Garcia. At times can become somewhat related or in the same sentance as "I had a flower girl ____" or "Will last night___"
Works as a man whore in the future. Has numerous kids do the consequences of lacking patience.
Look at that Mario! He's such a Papi-chulo!
by PRINCESS LALI August 03, 2007
A fat little Italian plumber found in many Super Mario games. Playing as him, you will have to jump onto the heads of your foes to defeat them, kill Bowser, save Pricness Peach (no you can't eat her), and travel through pipes to strange worlds. Basically your timed to kill Koopas and other strange monsters and finally get to Princess Peach, after retrying about 20 times. As you progress you will obtain items such as super mushroom, making mario even fatter, capes, offering limited flight, oddly enough, becoming a raccoon, and many other things. So enjoy saving pricness peach and watching her get kidnapped again over and over. Truely fun.
Mario saves Princess Peach. Princess Peach gets kidnapped. (Repeat)
by Obviously Crazy January 23, 2007
Self absorbed, self centered, one-upping douche. See also Jackass
Mario is such a fucking ass.
by Pvt. Oreo October 15, 2007
A pathetic attempt at human life,
is sometimes found having sex with chickens and burritos and other mexican steriotypes.
The old bible preaches: Mario is the sole reason for fags and little boy touchers on the earth. If Mario took more dicks in the ass, surgeons would have to come up with a new procedure to remove the week old baby semen found in his rectum.
Some people have often confused Mario with; Satan, Hitler, Rosie O'Donnel, and the fat guy from "My Name Is Earl".
In all senses of the words he is a Jew bitch cock sucking cunt wrangler.
Also he is sometimes seen giving rimjobs and dirty sanchez's to 30 year old frocen decapitaded arabian donkey dick
Evan: "Hey Man did you see Mario giving a rimjob to that 30 year old decapitaded arabian donkey dick"?

Joe: "Hells yeah dawg that shit was tight."
by gatewaymenu13 August 27, 2008
a sexual action where you take a red plunger or something resembling shape and size and aggresivly ram it up his or her ass while she screams "mamma mia!"
me and my gf did the mario last night
by kookoo cachoo September 26, 2005
Cool Italian plumber that really never talks except for saying "wha-ha!" "mama mia!" and other assorted noises. Has pretty good game for nintendo but they need to make a violent mario game. Basically a racist sterotype of an italian because he has a huge mustache and is a poor dirty plumber. All of his games have the same storyline: save princess peach, kill Bowser. Mario also gets high on shrooms.
Ahh! Mario just got killed by a spikey shell or something!!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 26, 2003
Always kind sometimes gets frustrated easily but always funny and careing to people he meets.
Mario seemed mad when he was entering class but once I saw him after words he was funny as always.
by Gustinehighshygirl December 29, 2014

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