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One of the best games ever invented! 8 Mario party's and 3 Paper Mario's but it's not going to end there.It is an arcade game made by Nintendo, released in 1983 and later ported to many home systems. It was a spin-off of the Donkey Kong series, and heavily influenced by Joust. It was the first game to feature Mario's name in the title. It was also the debut of Mario's brother, Luigi. Unlike Donkey Kong, where he was a carpenter, in this game Mario became a plumber, exterminating pests who exit from pipes.
Mario is the best game EVER!
by bloodkill June 26, 2007
Super hot, has major swag, known to be tall and hilarious, great at football or basketball, African-American mixed with caucasian, doesn't put up with peoples drama, hates it when people are mad at him so he's first to be there for anyone unless they make him mad. He won't back down from anyone when they're telling him off he normally fights. Overall a great person.
Girl 1: You see Mario?

Girl 2: Yeahh girl.. he hot as hell.
by Shawnaj October 14, 2011
This is where you get either male or female jizz on both your thumbs or two fingers and as quickly as you can draw a moustache starting from the middle of the upper lip and going outwards ...

KEY POINT : as you do this you MUST shout MARIO (In his accent is funnier) !
Sarah : 'Does that guy know he has a white moustache?'

Emily: 'Yeh looks crusty doesn't it?! '

Rachel : 'Yup I fucking MARIO'D him ;D '

Emily: GO MARIO !
by TheMarionator October 10, 2010
Luigi's brother and inventor of the quote "It's a meeya, Mario!"
Mario is a plumber who wears a variation of red or white overalls, t-shirt, and a cap with a big "M" on the front. He's Italian.
by Sir Ryan December 02, 2006
Italian plumber who spends most of his days jumping on turtles, walking mushrooms, saving princesses, eating spaghetti and such in a very amusing manner. This has made him a multi-millionaire and his own long running series of successful video games based on his life. He also coined the catchphrase "mamma mia!" Though it had been used by Abba, Don Corleone, and a legion of stereotypical italians before him. He can also jump 10 feet high, which is a supreme triumph for anyone with an ass as fat as his.
"Mamma mia, Donkey Kong, how wasa youa famous before a Mario!?"
by Parz July 27, 2006
Comes off as very suave, smooth, mysterious and quite handsome but is ultimately a player with an over sized ego.
Loves to flirt with many girls even while in a relationship, plays with their feelings for his own entertainment and cannot be trusted under any circumstances.
Never get involved with a Mario
Guy 1: Man I just cheated on my girlfriend with an older chick. She was hot.
Guy 2: Damn man she is but way to pull a Mario.
by toocutetohandlebby July 18, 2012
(when refering to video game skills of a person)
(N)something amazing happening unintentionally while playing a video game
Dude! Mark just did a Mario and got to level 8.
by vrej khanzadian June 04, 2005