He's an artist.

Okay, there are posers that say they like Manson and they have no idea what music it is in the first place... but there are also good diehard fans like myself. I love the band and I love him to death.

He has great songs and not-so-great songs. However, at the end of the day, you'll see he is different, and if people keep on talking about him is because he is valid and has made you think of him and even post a definition here. He cares not about what people say about him, whether that be "he's an ugly woman", "he's a freak", "he is a joke". Really, he wouldn't have made it to where he is standing right now if he had paid attention to those comments.

Manson is an artist. He is into painting, literature, filmmaking and of course, music. He's done some sweet covers like "Sweet Dreams", "I put a spell on you" and "Get my rocks off", and not-so-great covers like "Tainted love" or "Personal Jesus". His best albums in my eyes, are Antichrist Superstar and Holy Wood (In the shadow of the valley of death). Off of this records, I recommend you take a look at 'Beautiful People', 'Man that you Fear', 'Mr. Supestar', 'The Hate Song', 'Valentine's Day' and 'Coma Black', among others. His early videoteque is amazing and quite artistic, back to his Antichrist Superstar days, working with Floria Sigismondi in the video 'Tourniquete' and 'Beautiful People'. His last videos have been a little different and more aimed to MTV crap and that shit, but the core of this band is really artistic.

Personally, I believe there isn't a particular age to start behaving maturely and to be able to say 'Yeah I know what I'm talking about'. A smart person is born smart and dies smart, a retard scumbag is born an idiot and dies like an idiot. I started listening to Manson when I was 10 and now I'm 18. I won't say I know a lot about music genres, but I truly don't care about it if I feel good listening to Manson's music. I never labeled myself as goth or anything like that, I just knew this guy was different and Marilyn Manson as a band is great. You can remain stupid and close-minded for all your life and even when you're 40 you'll still say he's goth and satanic. I don't mind explaining people why I think he is such a great influence. I do mind when people are retarded and bitch at the band because they pretend to be "SMART" and "NORMAL". If you want to be normal, you'll get lost in the crowd and nobody will remember your name. Manson chose otherwise and he'll be remembered, either for his "freaky" antics or his good music and twisted messages.

By the way, he doesn't need to put on make up or dress like a crack whore diva to get laid, I doubt he had trouble getting laid. He is married right now to Dita Von Teese (Heather Sweet). Weeding day took place in Ireland. He'll keep on making music and the day he quits, he'll do something else like filmmaking.

If you believe in only what you see, you're doomed to be afraid of world's misery. For once in your life open your mind and start to think. Do not follow trends or let some "smartass" influence your taste. Take a good look at Manson and if you're seriously convinced his music isn't your type, then it's okay; just don't go and start labelling Manson's fans as goths or prep teens, for we will label you as a worthless pseudo moral weak stupified asshole.

He is an artist.
Anyone who can discuss about Marilyn Manson's work without arguing is very much welcome to be friends with me.
by ione January 17, 2006
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Top Definition
1. A truly great rock band, they've released some of the best records of our time
2. A man who pours his heart into his music, and happens to have opinions other than the mainstream, so he is victimized
3. The most misunderstood person on the face of the earth.
4. The most convenient person for conservatives to blame when something goes wrong
1. A really good Marilyn Manson song is "The Last Day On Earth".
2. Marilyn Manson is smarter than you.
3. People don't like Marilyn Manson because they don't take the time to consider that he, too, is human and has feelings. All they see is his dissent from the socially accepted, which many view as wrong.
4. Right-wing Politician: Marilyn Manson caused Columbine, 9/11, the Holocaust, the Cold War, Laci Peterson's death, and the Trojan War.
Someone Intelligent: No, he didn't.
Right-wing Politician: You are the Antichrist.
by Lady Pain February 28, 2005
Marilyn Manson, a rock artist, is the man who will eventually go down and take all of the Cradle Of Filth fans with him. Fans of Filth obviously don't know whats good. Manson is hated by most people and its understandable because most people are music-tarded. Yes, you may think he is satanic and whatnot but he is a lyrical god in my eyes. If you don't like him, oh well. Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I'm sick of hearing all of you queers talking about how Manson is the stereotypical goth, when he isn't.
Random kid: "Oh my god. I can't believe I just heard you say you like Marilyn Manson. He is such a gothic satan worshipper."

Me: "Screw you kid. You obviously don't know what you're talking about."

Random kid: "Yes I do. I judge people by their appearance."

Me: "Thats why I hate you."
by Kim Crissman February 11, 2005
1. An intelligent individual that has produced some brilliant music.

2. Whom every pre-teen poseur goth says they like these days to get street cred, unfortunately giving Manson a bad name in some peoples eyes.
1. Marilyn Mansons latest album is Lest We Forget, a best of.

2. Omg! marilyn manson is sooo cool. im gonna go buy me sum black clothes!
by babiesaretasty March 27, 2005
A very intelligent man that is victimized by attention whores and others that are too stupid to understand him. He is NOT a Satanist or devil worshipper, he said so himself. Manson also makes great music!
Idiot- Why are you listening to that shit?
Me- Marilyn Manson is not shit.
Idiot- But he's a devil worshipper!
Me- No, he is not.
Idiot- I HATE YOU!!!
Me- You fail at life.
by King Blargh July 06, 2005
The easiest person for The Daily Mail to blame for whatever is wrong with today's society.
Marilyn Manson inspired the Columbine kids to shoot up their High School.

Marilyn Manson influenced Luke Mitchell to kill Jodi Jones.
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
A band. A man. He makes music. He wears a lot of make-up and odd clothing.

Hello! This is it!

Call me crazy, but I don't think about it any further. I don't care if he's 'main-stream' or not, or if he believes in religion or not, or if he likes Avril Lavigne's music. Is it just me who realises you don't have to like an artist/musician/whatever to like what they do?? I'm sure I wouldn't like Marilyn Manson if I met him, and I'm sure there are plenty of things we'd disagree on, but that doesn't efin' matter. I like his music, without making it a religion. So lighten up!
And I don't know about you people, but I like his renditions of 'Sweet Dreams,' 'Tainted Love,' and 'Personal Jesus' better than the originals. So sue me.
by Wolfgang Heartman June 26, 2005
One of the greatest musicians ever.One of the few metal bands That (These days)makes music without just screaming.Is an artist, collage professor?(Ive herd from new he is but news isnt very reliable)most blacks or white guys who act black hate him(except eminem) because he makes good music and doesnt just talk and call it a song.His older songs were filled with biblical refrences(Little horn is one of the best) because he was a hardcore christian at one time.TRUE Gothics(theres Few left) hate him because they Blame him for all the posers around who say hes goth.He cant control what they say.Get over it.Most other people hate him because he looks diffrent and acts diffrent.They blame him for just about everything(Im surprised the war in Iraq or 911 wasnt blamed on him) like columbine(The kids didnt like his music even), suicides, or any other trouble with teens or adults that like his music.He DID NOT Get his ribs out to give himself a bj(well...he was pissed cause he wasnt getting any sex and just said he was going to but never did).HE DOESNOT HAVE BREAST IMPLANTS.Those were prosthetic things for the cover of his album and the video for it.He is going to be married soon so he isnt gay(bisexual though).
Oh my gawd!My son just got hit by a car! Its marilyn mansons fault!
by EatWAFFLES April 01, 2005

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