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One of the greatest musicians ever.One of the few metal bands That (These days)makes music without just screaming.Is an artist, collage professor?(Ive herd from new he is but news isnt very reliable)most blacks or white guys who act black hate him(except eminem) because he makes good music and doesnt just talk and call it a song.His older songs were filled with biblical refrences(Little horn is one of the best) because he was a hardcore christian at one time.TRUE Gothics(theres Few left) hate him because they Blame him for all the posers around who say hes goth.He cant control what they say.Get over it.Most other people hate him because he looks diffrent and acts diffrent.They blame him for just about everything(Im surprised the war in Iraq or 911 wasnt blamed on him) like columbine(The kids didnt like his music even), suicides, or any other trouble with teens or adults that like his music.He DID NOT Get his ribs out to give himself a bj(well...he was pissed cause he wasnt getting any sex and just said he was going to but never did).HE DOESNOT HAVE BREAST IMPLANTS.Those were prosthetic things for the cover of his album and the video for it.He is going to be married soon so he isnt gay(bisexual though).
Oh my gawd!My son just got hit by a car! Its marilyn mansons fault!
by EatWAFFLES April 01, 2005
Store like Speancers with Funny shirts...And alot of band shirts.Also has great pants but most either ripp apart or ripp other cloths apart in the cloths washing machine...thing.All kinds of other wierd acesories like rings made of weak metal.one of the few places you can buy finger long rings.JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC AND OTHER JHONEN VASQUEZ RELATED BOOKS!so its a great place although there are "Posers" there.
Person:**sees the chainy cloths in the front of hottopic but not anything else**Like oh my god look at the hideous cloths at that shop!hate...hate...
by EatWAFFLES April 01, 2005
1.The Angel Who created free will/He OFFRED the apple to Adam and eve and was sent to rule hell because of their Stupidity.
2.A symbol of free will and all thaat shit to satanists
3.The churches Besttt budddyyy
4.Who everyone at school thinks i am or thinks i worship
5.Who the fuck created rap.Die.
Church person from million years ago-"Hey lets make some fake entity up to scare people into paying us money for the service of telling us lies!It'll also let us murder all non-christians!YAY!"
Person From my school-"Do You Worship satan?"
by EatWAFFLES April 29, 2005
Usualy works/ Shops at Abracombie and fitch. Often hates people because of the way they dress or if they are Even slighly diffrent. Often dates Jocks or wiggers.usualy listens to POP music like britany spears or Other artists who cant go a sentence with out saying Oh my god, tottaly, or Like after most words.Preps also use those words.Are often slutty or blonde.Often stupid and airheaded.
Like OH MY GOD! I am so tottaly going to buy these hideously ugly cloths!
by EatWAFFLES March 28, 2005
All day i dream about sex...One of the best songs ever.Or Some shoe.That i have only seen in white so i wont be wearing any.
Honestly somehow it always seems that I'm in dreaming of
Something I could never be
It doesn't matter to me cause I will always be that pimp that I see in
Of my fantasies
I don't know your fucking name, so what let's ....
Screwing may be, the only way that I can truly be free
From my fucked up reality
So I dream and stroke it harder cause it's so fun to see
My face staring back at me
I don't know your fucking name, so what let's fuck
All Day I Dream About Sex
All Day I Dream About Fuckin'
by EatWAFFLES April 29, 2005
The only good "rap" Group. most songs are either about horror or are Funny as hell.Most people hate them because They dont like the explict Lyrics or They think its just stupid.Or They only like crappy Rap groups..That whine about small things.OR theyre just scared of clowns...
I'm kind of fat and I sweat alot, but thats the only bad quiky things that I got.
That, and maybe the whole murdering aspect, but we aint even really got to that yet.
I love people, (yes) I love everything about them, And thats why I gotta live life without them. (huh?)
I know it don't make any sense to you, but fuck you, this song is about me, exclusively.
Murder, Murderous, Murderation, A murdering mentality without an explination.
I'm Mr. Happy and I ride a bike (ching!), I aint got a seat, I just sit on the pipe thing.
I'll whistle, I sing, I'll pet your poodle. (Come here) I'll twist andsqueeze your neck like a wet noodle.
Cause I'm so happy I'll stab your ass, and lay down next to you, dead on the grass,
And say: "Oh it feels so good, every time I murder I get happy!!"
by EatWAFFLES April 01, 2005

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