To shove something up somebody's ass (usually a penis), only for them to have it in their mouth afterwards.

This is commonly referred to a poopsicle, or anal sex followed by oral sex.
Jack totally marged Marge in a stairwell after the Rock Studio Concert. Her cornhole was indeed seeping wet.

Marge consumed her own feces off Jack's twanger, during the infamous period where she was furiously marged.

Marge's seeping wet cornhole was the resultant of being marged.
#synonyms include oral sex #anal sex #poopsicle #buttsex #chocolate thieving #turd burglaring
by K-SAS November 06, 2005
Top Definition
A synonym of mum, especially applicable to marge simpson type mothers
My marge is making dinner tonight, I can't come out.
#mum #mom #mutti #mummy #mater
by kernkraft88 September 27, 2007
the name of a girl whose personality cannot be summed up with words because it's better than words
marge is awesome
#lonnie #marge #binford #baja #god
by Alonzo Thompson January 29, 2009
A marge is a long ash either on a cigar ciggarette or joint, that is passed from one person to the next.
Don't marge me, I don't want ash in my car.
#ash #marg #joint #cigar #cigarette
by Nicky Dz April 08, 2010
Marge: When a blunt is being passed around, someone doesn't ash it, and when you get the blunt it looks like Marge from the Simpsons.
Mark: Hits blunt.. Hands it to Alex.
Alex: Stop handing me a Marge.
by TheOfficialAlex™ December 20, 2015
Short for margerine, and used as a nickname for a loose woman- both are 'easy to spread'.
Hey 'Marge'! How many guys you hook up with this weekend?
#slut #skank #town bike #easy #whore
by halfjack July 26, 2007
verb: to stalk or shadow a romantic interest, to spy on a lover, running secret missions on one's love interest.
1 The only reason I marged him was because he was having dinner with an ex flame. 2 I enjoy the thrill of the marge.
#stalk #hunt #spy #follow #persue
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
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